D Nelson Resume


represents buyers and sellers in effecting sales, acquisitions and recapitalizations of closely held companies.  Our acquisition search clients include dozens of private equity investment firms and strategic buyers who seek opportunities to acquire companies outright or to make minority or majority investments in a wide variety of operating companies including manufacturers, distributors and service and information technology providers.

Confidentiality is crucial in all transactions involving closely held companies. Business owners need to prevent disclosure of pending transactions to employees, customers, suppliers or competitors. We carefully observe procedures designed to keep all aspects of transactions pursued on behalf of our clients strictly confidential, even the identity of parties involved in contemplated transactions.

Our market making services include:
- identifying and evaluating sellers, buyers, investors and opportunities;
- analyzing enterprise values and making pricing recommendations;
- preparing marketing documents;
- helping negotiate, structure and finance transactions;
- serving as a creative mediator in developing mutually beneficial agreements.


Privately-held companies need comprehensive long-range and short-range emergency plans for ownership and management succession to assure continuity and on-going viability of their business enterprises.

We serve clients who are investors or buyers, by identifying and evaluating acquisition candidates. We are matchmakers who discreetly approach targeted businesses and initiate and facilitate the acquisition process.

Recapitalization transactions consist of new capital infusions by investors who wish to become passive "partners" with entrepreneurs and their management teams. These investors have no interest in participating in management except as members of boards of directors. Their objectives are to support entrepreneurs and management teams in "win-win" arrangements in which all the parties benefit by helping one another.

Objectives business owners achieve through Recapitalizations are:
- attracting capital to fund growth opportunities generated internally or by acquisitions;
- producing liquidity for themselves and their families;
- securing financial partners who will be sources for future capital infusions.
Best of all, they achieve these objectives while retaining control of their businesses.

Company owners request our opinion of their companies' market values for many easons, not all of which are related to sales. Estate planning, insurance issues, dispute resolutions and taxation matters all may require an expert valuation. We specialize in determining intangible "going concern" values of operating companies of all kinds.

Making the right deal is a matter of pursuing the greatest possible number of sources and opportunities. In addition to our own substantial database, NELSON EQUITY DEVELOPMENT, LC works with a large network of capital sources and other M&A consulting firms. This network provides us access to hundreds of owners and buyers of middle market manufacturing, distribution and service businesses with values in the range of $1 million to $250 million.


Corporate finance is our area of special expertise. We provide consulting services to management teams which do not need full-time corporate finance specialists of their own. We also help entrepreneurs who are planning, establishing and managing new companies. From time to time, any business may need assistance in developing business plans and financial forecasts.

We work with lenders, creditors and investors to restructure existing financial arrangements or to attract new debt or equity capital. Our services also include effecting turnarounds and enhancing profitability for companies which are troubled or are simply not realizing their full potential.

Developing a financial forecasting model is a key to effective management. Such models facilitate the creation of budgets and forecasts for comprehensive business plans. In addition, they prove invaluable in measuring and predicting the effects of various decisions or eventualities on operations and financial condition. Models answer questions such as "how much working capital will be needed to double our sales?"

We cooperate with other consultants with other areas of expertise and can, therefore, be the source for general and other specialty consulting services.

Iowa-licensed real estate broker.